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KTA Advocates was ranked by Public Opinions on the 2020 Uganda Top 70 Law Firms and accredited in the Uganda TOP70 Law Firms Book of Records. The Firm is a Recipient/Winner of the Uganda Responsible Investment Mark of Excellence Award. Voted by the people of Uganda and Recognized by Public Opinions with a Certificate of Excellence in appreciation of its continuous commitment to Legal Excellence, Integrity and honesty, Reliability, trustworthiness, transparency, fairness, ProBono, Professional Development as well as commitment to contribute to the attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).Many private sector companies have not yet committed themselves to work towards attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and UN SDGs.The Firm was issued with a Certificate of Accreditation by Public Opinions and its profile published in the 2020 Uganda TOP70 Law Firms Book of Records.  Public Opinions is the leading field based organization working towards attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Public Relations, Public Awareness, Information Dissemination, Corporate Printing and Branding, Training and mentorship, Investment Advisory,etc. Learn more about Public Opinions by visiting our website www.publicopinions.net, Call/Whatsapp:+256701992426/0782479124. Here after is the profile of the Law Firm.


KTA Advocates (Karuhanga, Tabaro & Associates) is a specialized law firm focusing on technology, media, telecommunications, Intellectual Property & Construction law. We advise clients on the financing, exploitation and protection of their creative and commercial assets in these sectors.

Alongside its specialist commercial expertise, the firm provides a full legal service across corporate, tax, finance, litigation, employment and property. The firm’s clients range from leading businesses in banking, e-commerce, entertainment, technology, beverage & hospitality, telecommunications, broadcast entertainment, music, and publishing through to platforms, content retailers and early stage entrepreneurs.

The firm’s also provides legal support and lobbies decision makers on behalf of clients on a wide range of matters, including data protection and privacy, cyber security, anti-competition, copyright, trade and e-commerce. The firm is also a member of the Amani, a network of intellectual property practitioners in the region. The firm also works with other trusted overseas law firms, with similar media, technology and Intellectual Property (IP) focus, covering all key worldwide jurisdictions.


  • We are an innovative firm and offer bespoke services to our clients.
  • We focus on growth and employ a pragmatic approach in finding solutions for our clients.
  • We are always seeking and discovering new ways of serving our clients and the community.

From the initial development of any film project, through to its financing, structuring, production and distribution, our film team brings unrivalled commercial and legal knowhow.

In addition to our traditional entertainment practice, our lawyers’ all-round media expertise means we can give our clients specialist guild, clearance, music, employment, property, tax and corporate advice relating directly to their film projects and other ventures, as well as setting-up and running companies on our clients behalf. We have great strength in depth, helping our clients to source finance and distribution for their projects as well as connecting them with the industry’s key players and decision makers.

Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigation practice combines deep industry knowledge with years of experience handling contentious and complex commercial matters. Our work encompasses contractual interpretation and disputes, boardroom fallouts, warranty, shareholder and joint venture disputes, passing off, IP and debt collection.

We act for clients ranging from banks, large e-commerce companies to high net-worth businesses and individuals and online, digital businesses.

Much of our work is time critical, and we have plenty of experience of obtaining speedy injunctive relief – and of defending urgent applications. We are used to navigating complex international legal issues and working cross-border. We work with an established legal network to give a seamless legal service worldwide.

Whilst being experienced trial lawyers, our approach to dispute resolution is unfailingly commercial. We are experts in all forms of alternative dispute resolution methods – including arbitration, expert determination and mediation and have negotiated countless settlements even in what looks like the most entrenched and contentious commercial situations.


International Business & Investment Law

This practice encompasses the full range of legal services required by corporates and other business entities. This Firm has served as in-house counsel, company secretaries for foreign and local clients. The Firm provides advice to foreign companies from all parts of the world and assists foreign companies in establishment and registration of foreign investment enterprises locally.

The Firm also handles matters relating to equity and contractual joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and holding companies, financial and management agreements.

This Firm has maintained a significant and pioneering presence in all areas of general and specialized transactional practice.

Most of the more challenging legal problems and assignments in Uganda have been handled by the Firm and many of the Firm’s lawyers have behind them a wealth of experience and backgrounds that have collectively enabled the Firm to pool its resources and consistently give comprehensive advice, even in the most unusual circumstances. This Firm has consistently been the choice for clients with groundbreaking and unusually challenging transactions in the region.

Arbitration & Mediation/Rent A Judge

At KTA, we believe in the alternative resolution of disputes, and regard courts as a last resort option.

We have therefore been involved in a substantial amount of arbitration, mediation and negotiation proceedings and have secured countless out of court settlements on behalf of our clients. These settlements have saved our clients time, expense and other constraints of unnecessary litigation.

The Firm`s consultant is also available to act as an arbitrator or mediator in disputes that might require such a service.

Banking & Finance

The Firm represents financial institutions and has been retained for recovery of non-performing loans, insolvency and advised them on complex cross-border transactions that involve collateral or security in another jurisdiction. With its regional footprint, the Firm has the expertise and the knowledge of the law in the region to advise on any transaction.

Under this practice, the Firm focuses on banking and project finance. We are retained by 6 commercial banks in Uganda and advise several banks on cross-border transactions. With our regional footprint, we are able to advise financial institutions on securitizing customer collateral outside the jurisdiction, due diligence, and recovery in event of default. Insolvency and debt restructuring for financial institutions.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law is the stock-in-trade of technology innovation in mobile applications, websites, web-based social networks, and other verticals of the digital ecosystem. Intellectual Property protection may prove to be central to competitive protection and monetization of the venture.

Our intellectual property/rights protection team is widely regarded as market leading in online enforcement. The firm undertakes advisory work on legislative change and both civil and criminal enforcement work for media clients.


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Dorothy Namanya Nankunda – Senior Associate
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Sulaina Matovu
Client Relationship Manager

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KTA Advocates
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