Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA)

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The Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) is a 2020 Certified Global TOP100 Sustainable Development Agencies. Ranked on the TOP 100 Sustainable Development Agencies in recognition of its institutional commitment and contribution towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Certified on 7th March 2020 by Public Opinions a field based Research,Public Relations,corporate review,information Dissemination as well as Public awareness and Advisory organisation based in Uganda East Africa.

The Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) is a national, voluntary, not-for-profit, professional association of 4.6 million medical professionals in China. Representing the collective view of Chinese physicians, surgeons, medical researchers and healthcare workers, CMDA is committed to advocating for better public healthcare and providing leadership for the Chinese medical community.

Founded in 2002, CMDA was registered with Ministry of Civil Affairs as a primary-level national association and organized under the Medical Practitioners Act 1999, the most important legal documents regulating medical profession. Over the past years, CMDA has become the largest and most influential medical association in China. Managing 44 local chapters, 57 Specialty sub-associations, and 22 specialty committees. CMDA has the most powerful voice in the Chinese medical community.

Mission: To promote the professional ethics and to uphold the humanitarianisms to rescue the dying and caring for the wounded, to advance medical knowledge and improve medical services, and to protect the rights and interests of the practicing physicians according to the law for the betterment of the national people’s health and contribute to the construction of socialist society.

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