We are Grateful: Public Opinions to Amama Mbabazi

We are Grateful: Public Opinions to Amama Mbabazi
Published by Public Opinions

Supporting the Work of Public Opinions: Public Opinions appreciate and recognize the support from the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi. Since its inception in 2004 in Lumumba Hall at Makerere University, the founders of Public Opinions established contacts with the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi and he has been supportive to the work of the organization which is committed to attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through Public Awareness, Issues Research, Public Relations, Information Dissemination, Training and Mentorship, Investment Advisory, International Exchange programs,etc.

In 2010, the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi presided over the Public Opinions conference “The Buganda Youth Leaders Conference on Wealth Creation” which was held at Katikomu Country Hotel in Kayunga.In 2011,he accepted to preside over the Kampala Youth Wealth Creation Conference which was held at the NRM Secretariat Kampala, In 2012,He presided over the Uganda Responsible Investment Summit organized by Public Opinions and in the same year he presided over the Pearl of Africa Lifetime Achievement Award organized by Public Opinions and recognized over 100 Personalities in Uganda from both Public and Private Sector, In 2013,He presided over the 2013 High Level Uganda Responsible Investment and Award Ceremony in which over 40 Responsible Investments were recognized. In July 2014, Public Opinions organized the 2014 High Level Uganda Responsible Investment Summit and Award Ceremony which was presided over by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of the Republic of Uganda and the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi Prime Minister of Uganda, On 22nd November 2019 Public Opinions organized the 2019 Uganda Responsible Investment Summit and Award Ceremony and Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi graced the summit which was presided over by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. At the summit, President Museveni was declared Uganda Peace and Development Champion by Public Opinions in appreciation of his contribution to ensure total peace and stability in all parts of Uganda.

The Rt Hon.Amama Mbabazi, S.C was born John Patrick Mbabazi; alias Ahmed Mbayo, Dr. Karyaburo). He was the 10th Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda serving from 24th May 2011 to 2014. He is a founder of the National Resistance Movement (political sibling to the National Resistance Army that came to power in 1986). He served as its Secretary General from 2005, when the National Delegates Conference of the NRM party elected him with a 70% majority. His second term began in 2011.

He served in government since 1986 in various capacities beginning as Director General of ESO (1986-1992). He held three major ministerial posts as Minister of Security (2006-2011), Minister of Defense (2001-2006) and Attorney General (2004-2005), holding the latter two positions at the same time and earning him the epithet “Super Minister”. He served as a Member of Parliament for Kinkizi West, a position he occupied from 1996 to 2016.

He is a graduate of Makerere University and lawyer by profession, Amama was secretary of the Uganda Law Council (1977-1978) and later a partner in the law firm, Kategaya, Mbabazi and Tumwesigye, Advocates (1981). He was among those that assisted in the drawing up of the fourth constitution of the Republic of Uganda, adopted in 1995.

Mr  Mbabazi describes his younger self as a "young idealistic lawyer with a hunger for justice" who "joined the NRA Liberation struggle against the destructive forces that were threatening to derail our self-Governing Hopes".

During The NRA Armed Rebellion of the 1980s against Milton Obote's Government, which was led by Mr. Museveni in the bush, Amama Mbabazi worked as an External Co-Ordinator. He has worked closely with President Museveni for Four decades. Over the years he held three key cabinet positions before becoming prime minister in 2011.President Museveni once described him as a "clean man, he doesn't booze or involve himself with women, and he is a hardworking man".