Musangala Advocates and Solicitors

MUSANGALA ADVOCATES & SOLICITORS was ranked by Public Opinions on the 2020 Uganda Top 70 Law Firms and accredited in the Uganda TOP70 Law Firms Book of Records. Voted by the people of Uganda and Recognized by Public Opinions with a Certificate of Excellence in appreciation of its continuous commitment to Legal Excellence, Integrity and honesty, Reliability, trustworthiness, transparency, fairness, ProBono, Professional Development as well as commitment to contribute to the attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).Many private sector companies have not yet committed themselves to work towards attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and UN SDGs.The Firm was issued with a Certificate of Accreditation by Public Opinions and its profile published in the 2020 Uganda TOP70 Law Firms Book of Records. Public Opinions is the leading field based organization working towards attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Public Relations, Public Awareness, Information Dissemination, Corporate Printing, Training and mentorship, Investment Advisory, Promotion of Natural Life,etc (Extura Natural Tea which is a Great natural Tea for Preventing and managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Enlarged Prostate Gland as well as a Great Remedy for Menstrual Pain, Candida and Urinary Tract Infections.Learn more about Public Opinions by visiting our website, Call/Whatsapp:+256701992426Musangala Advocates & Solicitors is a well-established, Corporate & Commercial law practice firm duly approved by the Uganda Law Council and located in the heart of the capital city Kampala Uganda.

Musangala Advocates and Solicitors' legal team is endowed with a wealth of legal experience and expertise. We are a specialists’ Commercial law firm, inter alia, in Corporate Advisory, Banking regulatory compliance & Risk Management, Mortgage creation and Registration & Investment Management and Pension Law, Intellectual Property, debt recovery and Commercial and Complex Litigation.

Our standards and integrity are impeccable and while our client base is diverse, we endeavor to customize the service.

The firm employs a hands-on approach through various methods such as correspondences, follow up actions, litigation in cases where the debtor has failed or stubbornly refused to honor their obligations to settle the client’s account in the recovery process to ensure client satisfaction.

Our dedicated and committed team strives to deliver the best possible client service and to apply professional skill & care throughout the entire collecting process. Our mission is to amongst other; render a successful collecting service. We aim to make a difference in the client’s business by improving cash flow, minimizing bad debts and resulting financial implications and risks as well as eliminating extensive legal costs.

OUR MISSION: To be a leading commercial law firm that provides our clients with a network of innovative legal solutions, excellent legal –representation and a dedication to quality client service.

OUR VISION: To provide our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner


  1. Hard work

  2. Team work

  3. Integrity

  4. Professionalism

  5. Timely responsive and qualitative service

  6. Continuous improvement of ourselves, services and system

  7. Mutual respect

  8. Honesty and transparency

  9. Equity and justice


General Commercial & Civil Litigation

In addition to collections, we represent clients in a broad range of commercial and civil disputes. Some of the areas of civil and commercial law we handle are:

Contract disputes related to the sale of goods and rendering of services, consulting, and other professional advice;

Defense of a wide variety of civil litigations;

Business torts such as unfair competition, tortious interference with contract, fraud, and unfair dealing.

Land, Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide comprehensive legal counseling and representation in real estate transactions and in real estate related matters, including: all types of acquisition, financing, development, construction, leases, condemnations, and zoning and land use approvals. We have experience with all types of real estate projects, including: land development projects, shopping centers, industrial projects, single and multi-family projects, condominiums, and redevelopment projects. We also handle all forms of dispute resolution and collection work, including mechanic’s liens. We endeavor to provide our clients economical and resourceful advice and solutions based on our knowledge of the law and also on the basis of our practical experience and expertise developed through years of handling real estate related matters.

Insurance and Reinsurance

We offer a comprehensive range of dispute resolution, transactional and regulatory legal services to the insurance sector, including insurance and reinsurance companies; policyholders; captives and mutuals; brokers and other intermediaries; managing agencies and MGAs; TPAs and other service providers. Our insurance and reinsurance work is high value, likely to be complex and multi-party, and often international in nature.


Simon Peter Musangala
Managing Partner
Musangala Advocates & Solicitors
P.o.Box 11842 Kampala
Plot 13 Buganda Road
Mukwano Courts, Level 4 Suite 401-402, Uganda
Number : +256-414663552/+256-776692043
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.