The True Story of Anne Amelia Kyambadde-Inducted in the Uganda Who is Who Book of Records by Public Opinions

Hon. Kyambadde Amelia Anne is an inductee in the 2020 Uganda Who is Who Book of Records and Rated on the List of Uganda TOP50 Most Influential and Best Performing Ministers of the Cabinet of the Government of Uganda by Public Opinions the Leading organization working towards attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Strategic Research, Public Awareness, Information Dissemination, Public Relations, Public Advisory as well as Personal and Corporate Profiling.

Amelia was born in England as the first and only child to Serwano Kulubya and Mary Kafureeka in 1955. She however had a total of six other siblings from both her father and mother’s side, and numerous cousins from the Kulubya side of the family, as her father had a total of 11 siblings. She was raised predominantly by the Kulubyas and was therefore no stranger to luxury. It is this ‘cushioned’ upbringing that first stirred compassion for those in her community who lived off less.

Having been born in England, and then returning to live with her wealthy grandparents in Nankulabye, and socializing only with her cousins on the paternal side, Amelia had had no exposure to hardship and poverty. That is until she started school, and met other children from less privileged homes. Her father used to tell a tale of how Amelia would go to school with fine leather shoes from England, and return home with plastic ones, that had been finely polished with Vaseline, her reasons would entail having felt pity on a friend who had admired and openly coveted her shoes, and how an exchange had been a very agreeable option for the two them.

The woes of her compassion got worse when she joined boarding school, Amelia would give away anything and everything to whomever she deemed less fortunate and need of aid. And her father knew with certainty that every few weeks into the beginning of a term, he would receive a message of his daughter’s desperate situation of hunger or lack of something critical. No matter how bad the scolding she would get, Amelia never stopped trying to solve the plight of her less unfortunate contemporaries, she in fact became better at telling tales of how her things would vanish. Unknown to everyone back then, this would be the origins of her philanthropy.

History :

Amelia Anne Kyambadde would best be defined as a Ugandan Philanthropist, Politician, and mother. She is the elected Member of Parliament for Mawokota North County in Mpigi District of Uganda. On 27th May 2011 she was appointed Minister for Trade and Industry in the Ugandan Cabinet, an office she still occupies.


Amelia was born on 30th June 1955 in Guildford, Surrey UK, to the late Serwano K. Kulubya an Advocate, and Mary Kafureka, a trained Nurse. At the tender age of 4, her father relocated back to Uganda and took Amelia along.


  • Primary Education:Gayaza Primary School in Wakiso District (1963-1968)
  • Secondary Education:Sacred Heart High School GULU (1969-1972)
  • Advanced Level Education:Aga Khan SecondarySchool, Kampala(1973-1974)
  • Post A-Level Education:New Era Secretarial College in Nairobi, Kenya((1975-1976)
  • Swedish Language Certificate Gothenburg, Sweden(1982-1983)
  • Office Management in Swedish Certificate. Gothernburg, Sweden(1984-1985)
  • Higher Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Studies, New College, Durham University, U.K. (1989-1990)
  • Administrative Studies for Executive Assistants Certificate, ESAMI, Swaziland(1994)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration:Makerere University Business School (1996-1999)
  • Postgraduate Degree:MBA, American InterContinental University in London, UK.(2002-2003)

Amelia Anne Kyambadde is married to Wilson Kyambadde since 1976. Together, they are the parents of five children. She is the Patron of Twezimbe Development Foundation (TDF), a community-based, non-governmental, organization formed to improve the living conditions of the people of her parliamentary constituency. She founded the Twezimbe NGO.

The Uganda Who is Who Book of Records for the TOP50 Most Influential and Best Performing Ministers of the Cabinet of the Government of Uganda will soon be out.



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