H.E DR William Arap Ruto Deputy President of Kenya Awarded with the 2019 East Africa Leadership Award

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H.E William Ruto Deputy President of Kenya was on 19th November 2019 recognised by Public Opinions and East Africa Book of Records with the 2019 East Africa Leadership Award  in Nairobi in appreciation of his contribution towards social economic transformation of East Africa and Inspiring millions of East Africa Young people especially from marginalized Families.

He is an Icon of the Disadvantaged people and the Hope of the poor but above all the Greatest Inspirator in East Africa.THE Award will be presented to him by East Africa Book of Records and Public Opinions International both from Kampala Uganda East Africa.

Public Opinions is led by Luzindana Adam Buyinza who is its Team Leader and East Africa Book of Records is led by Dr PAUL Bamutaaze who is its President. These two youthful men were in Nairobi  for the High Profile Ceremony which was  attended by the Speaker of the Senate,Members of the East Africa Legislative Assembly, Ambassadors of the East Africa Community countries and it will be presided over by H.E Dr William Ruto Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

Luzindana Adam Buyinza  Team Leader of Public Opinions with H.E Dr William Ruto Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya in Nairobi on 19th November 2019.

William Ruto had always been a brilliant student and continues to remain one even today. He has been actively involved in Kenyan Politics and is the first Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a position which is equivalent to that of a vice-president. He has also worked as a teacher before joining politics and apparently, the politician was great at his job and earned a lot of respect in that profession. Ruto entered the realm of politics when he started campaigning for the presidential candidate of ‘KANU’, Daniel arap Moi. This campaign was not just a great success, but it also proved this leader’s political skills. Ruto’s leadership qualities helped him get elected to various positions in the government. He has faced many obstacles during his political career and has been accused of many wrong doings but God continue to protect him.He has worked in the committee responsible for reforms in the constitution. Presently, he is not engaged with any ministry and is continuing his tenure as the Deputy President of Kenya. To know more about this leader, his works and achievements, read on.

H.E Dr William Arap Ruto Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya with Officials of Public Opinions and East Africa Book of Records on 19th November 2019 in Nairobi

Childhood & Early Life:

·   He was born to Daniel Cheruiyot and Sarah Cheruiyot on 21st December 1966, in the Kamagut region of the Kenyan county Uasin Gishu.

·   Ruto received his elementary education from a primary school at Kamagut, and then entered the ‘Wareng Secondary School’ located in Eldoret.

·   After completing his O-level education, Ruto joined the ‘Kapsabet High School’ situated in Nandi, to pursue his A-level education.

·   Later, he joined the ‘University of Nairobi’, where he enrolled for a bachelor’s degree. He specialized in subjects such as Zoology and Botany, as a part of this course. He graduated in 1990, and topped his class for which he was offered a scholarship to pursue his master’s degree at the same university.

·   In 1991, he enrolled for an MSc at the university, but a year later, he postponed the course for other engagements.

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·   In 1992, he joined the party ‘Kenya African National Union’ (KANU), in their election campaign to support the party’s founder, Daniel Arap Moi.

·   He was a candidate of the ‘Kenya African National Union’ (KANU) and entered the political sphere of Kenya, after he was appointed as a Member of Parliament for the Eldoret North constituency, in the year 1997.

·   In 2002, he was elected as the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs, and in the same year, he was again elected to the Parliament.

·   This leader became the Secretary General of ‘Kenya African National Union’ (KANU) party, in the year 2005.

·   William announced in the year 2006, that he would contest the Presidential elections, which was to commence the next year. However, this decision of the leader was not supported by his ‘KANU’ comrades. So, he tried to file the candidature from the ‘Orange Democratic Movement’ (ODM), but failed to get a nomination.

·   In 2007, William parted ways with the ‘Kenya African National Union’ (KANU) party and resigned from its secretarial post.

·   In the presidential elections of 2007, there were differences in the decision as the election commission announced that the ‘National Rainbow Coalition’ candidate Mwai Kibaki as the president, while the exit polls showed another Kenyan politician and candidate for the presidential election, Raila Odinga, as the winner.

·   However, Kibaki was elected as the President of Kenya and soon after, both Kibaki and Odinga came to a mutual understanding and decided to form a coalition cabinet.

·   The coalition cabinet was finally formed in 2008 and William Ruto was elected as its Agricultural Minister.

·   This political leader was shifted to the Higher Education Ministry from the Ministry of Agriculture in the year 2010.

·   In 2011, the politician stepped down from his responsibilities as a minister, but he continued to be a Member of Parliament. The same year, this leader completed his Masters course in Environmental Science.

·   The ‘Law Society of Kenya’ (KSK) blacklisted some individuals on charges of corruption in the year 2012, and asked the public not to vote for the ones cited in the list. Although Ruto’s name was in the list he managed to get a huge number of votes the next year, when he was a running mate to the current Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

·   Ruto along with Kenyatta formed the coalition party named ‘Jubilee Alliance’, in order to contest the presidential election jointly.

·   In the 2013 Presidential Elections, Uhuru Kenyatta was voted as the President and William Ruto was elected as the Deputy President of Kenya.

Major Works:

·   William had been employed as a teacher in various secondary schools at Sirgoi and Kamagut before entering politics. It’s said that dozens of students have benefited immensely from the leader’s style of imparting education. Many of his students claim that he always wanted them to reach great heights.

Personal Life & Legacy:

·   William Ruto and Rachel Chebet are married since 1991. They knew each other since their college days, way before tying the knot. The couple has been blessed with six children since then.

·   It is said that William has huge number of shares in the insurance company ‘Amaco Insurance’.


·   It is believed that Ruto has done many unskilled jobs like that of vending groundnuts and chickens in the Nakuru-Eldoret road


Luzindana Adam Buyinza Team Leader of Public Opinions International with H.E Dr William Ruto the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya in Nairobi City,Kenya on 19th November 2019

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